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Auto-locking haul system with 4:1 mechanical advantage - or 5:1 if used upside down - ideal for use in rescue operations. Developed for lifting and releasing an injured operator or for tensioning a system.

Main features:

  • CE-marked and tested with a load of 18 kN for 3 minutes;
  • extremely compact system, ideal where space for manoeuvring is limited;
  • it prevents the load from slipping back once has been retrieved, making hauling operations smoother and faster;
  • comprised of UP ROLL and UP LOCK pulleys, equipped with sheaves mounted on ball bearings;
  • it comes with a closable pouch to reduce bulk during transport;
  • drawstring closure that further expedites setting up the equipment;
  • equipped with rope guide (patent pending), installed on the lower pulley, that keeps rope strands parallel and reduces the risk of tangling while in use;
  • locking and unlocking of the cam with a single hand movement, even with gloves on, via the freelock system;
  • supplied with two oval OVX TG carabiners with triplex gate and anti-rotation elements;
  • equipped with an 8 mm EN 564 accessory cord.

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“Peak Access has a wide selection of equipment, and the service was phenomenal. Ian and his staff have repeatedly gone out of their way to assist, advise and supply us with everything we needed to make our projects a success. ”

Marc Schoenrank, Minconsult Exploration Services Ltd.

“For Petzl and Singing Rock rope access kit a knowledgeable staff and good pricing”

Zack Hrabarchuck, Granite Property Services

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